Unstoppables creates free media to inform and inspire Resistance groups working for change in the midterms.

It is a pro-bono project by Mary Joyce, a social change strategist who was New Media Operations Manager for President Obama’s 2008 campaign.


From Indivisible to Our Revolution to Love Army, America is full of unstoppable citizens who have organized to defend democracy and create an America for all.  The groundswell is enormous, yet many are first-time activists.  We need new strategies to resource this massive cohort of grassroots groups.  Unstoppables joins organizations like Sister District, Action Together, and Swing Left in this important work.


Unstoppables seeks to empower these new grassroots activists by creating infinitely scalable online resources that are informative, inspiring, and fun.  Mary seeks to create resources that are accessible to all activists, without the need to pick winners and decide which Resistance groups get support and which don’t.  Digital resources like video are able to scale to the level of need at near-zero cost.


Unstobbables is a pro-bono project by Mary Joyce, who has been training grassroots activists around the world since 2009.  Mary served as New Media Operations Manager for President Obama’s 2008 campaign, co-founded the Digital Activism Research Project, and edited the book Digital Activism Decoded.  She lives in Seattle, Washington.


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