America is Purple. Why is our Federal Government Red?

Even though our federal government is bright red-Republican, our country is purple (and a blue-ish Democrat-ish purple at that).

A series of maps by University of Michigan physicist Mark Newman shows the 2016 electoral map adjusted for population. While the Electoral College results looked like this in the past presidential election…

…counties aren’t uniformly blue or red. The tight split between Republican and Democratic voters created shades of purple in many counties.

In addition, large Democratic population centers in cities create big blobs of blue throughout the map.  Large, yet sparsely populated, rural areas that vote Republican appear as thin red lines between them.  It is worth noting that there are no population-dense Republican areas (i.e., red blobs) on the map.

So it should come as no surprise that everyone from the Russians to Kris Kobach to many state legislatures are suppressing votes and gerrymandering districts.  The Republican hold on power is more fragile than it seems.

Let’s make government reflect the will of the people in #Elections2018.

See more of Mark’s maps here.

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