Create a Vision Board with your Group

How do we help all members to feel engaged?
How do we maintain group cohesion when members differ?
How do we stay focused on our goal when we are demoralized?
How do we connect with one another in a fun yet meaningful way?

Vision boarding is a great solution to all these challenges.
It helps us engage with politics and with each other in a new and creative way.

In the video below, arts facilitator Valentina Gonzalez (artclassestoyou AT gmail DOT com) explains how:



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Newsletter Rebuttal: Jumpstart your Comms with this Weekly Practice

Who Did It?

NJ 11th for Change is a grassroots coalition whose activism pushed the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee to not seek re-election despite winning the 2016 election by 19 points and having held the office for 23 years.  This piece of advice is proved by the organization’s co-Executive Director, Elizabeth Juviler.

What’s the Tactic?

According to the Indivisible Guide, every MoC has an e-newsletter, and many of them are emailed out weekly.  This is extremely useful for citizen activist groups because you can use it to create a weekly “counter-newsletter” that challenges and debunks the official newsletter.  This alternative version you create is the newsletter rebuttal. Continue reading “Newsletter Rebuttal: Jumpstart your Comms with this Weekly Practice”