Newsletter Rebuttal: Jumpstart your Comms with this Weekly Practice

Who Did It?

NJ 11th for Change is a grassroots coalition whose activism pushed the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee to not seek re-election despite winning the 2016 election by 19 points and having held the office for 23 years.  This piece of advice is proved by the organization’s co-Executive Director, Elizabeth Juviler.

What’s the Tactic?

According to the Indivisible Guide, every MoC has an e-newsletter, and many of them are emailed out weekly.  This is extremely useful for citizen activist groups because you can use it to create a weekly “counter-newsletter” that challenges and debunks the official newsletter.  This alternative version you create is the newsletter rebuttal. Continue reading “Newsletter Rebuttal: Jumpstart your Comms with this Weekly Practice”