How not to be a Cog in the Outrage Machine

You see a tweet… or Facebook post… and it makes you so mad.  So what do you do?

STOP!  You may be in the grips of The Outrage Machine.

You know people are trying to manipulate you in the 2018 elections.  But what are they trying to make you do exactly?  And how can you stop them?

In this video, featuring Berit Anderson of, you will learn:

  1. What Election Manipulators Want (1:06)
  2. How the Outrage Machine Manipulates (2:14)
  3. How to Recognize Outrage Manipulation (3:13)
  4. How to Avoid the Outrage Trap (4:50)
  5. How to Starve the Outrage Machine of Attention (6:33)
  6. How to Help Candidates Defeat the Outrage Machine (8:02)

And, it this is all too long, you can TL;DR and go to minute 9:35 for a 30-second review of the points above or watch the short version below:

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